Want To Write A Book?

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My name is Laura Gale. I help entrepreneurs and marketers write books that change their businesses.

Writing a book about your business sets you apart from your competition, establishes you as a leader in your field, and opens up new streams of revenue and opportunity that can help your business grow exponentially.

I offer a boutique service that specializes in writing, publishing and marketing powerful, profitable books for B2B entrepreneurs.

Every Day, Entrepreneurs Are Triggering Massive Growth In Their Businesses By Releasing Books.

Before long, they have a waitlist as long as their arm, and more invites for interviews and events than they can handle.

Meanwhile, you’re watching your customers go to those people who charge more (and might not even be as good as you).

Instead of being a client magnet, you’re stuck grinding away to produce prospects, slogging through sales calls with skeptics, and forcing your way to the clients you really want to work with.

But it’s 2018, and brute force just doesn’t work anymore. The market is too sophisticated for that, and our customers expect more from us than ever before.

The Proven, Powerful Way To Win Savvy Customers

Today our customers are more educated than ever before.

They're informed, they know what they want, and they resist being sold to. Whenever they buy, they do it because they've done their research.

And that’s where writing a book comes in.

It’s the perfect way to provide more value than the customer could ever have dreamed of, and there’s a direct link between that generosity and having your ideal clients lining up to work with you.

Writing A Book Is Like Turning An Invisible Key In The Hearts And Minds Of Every One Of Your Ideal Readers.

It dissolves resistance, breaks down objections, and establishes deep trust... before you ever pick up the phone to make your sales offer.

And if you know that it's time for you to take your business to the next level, to break away from your competitors, and to carve out a whole new place for yourself in your industry?

Then it's time for you to write your book.

Here's what B2B entrepreneurs just like you had to say about the Atrium Press process:

Kiri Masters Kiri Masters, Bobsled Marketing

“I’m so grateful that this whole part of the process was completely taken off my hands. Marketing a book is difficult enough without the additional burden of drafting the manuscript alone, and the fact that I'm so proud of the manuscript (much more so than I would have been if I'd written the whole thing by myself) gave me the extra motivation to make the launch as successful as the book deserved.”

Russ Perry Russ Perry, Design Pickle

“LAURA! This book wouldn't be possible without your passion and commitment to me and your craft! THANK YOU SO MUCH! Seriously. I get emotional thinking about how far we've come and I wouldn't have this story so clear without your help.”

Jeff Root Jeff Root, SellTermLife

“Laura is a content machine that pumps out excellence onto paper. She took my outline, extracted the information from me, was very responsive and patient, and delivered a final manuscript I was very pleased with. We were an Amazon bestseller in my category and have 95%+ 5 star reviews at this point in time. I would recommend Laura to anyone.”

Bob Cooper, Jr. Bob Cooper, Jr., El Cheapo Lifts

“The book is better than I had hoped and I can’t imagine getting it anywhere near completed without you. Thank you so much for making it a reality, and for capturing and understanding these complex concepts!”

Want Help Creating Your Book?

Looking For Coaching?

B2B entrepreneurs around the world are transforming their businesses by writing books.

And most of them aren't doing it alone. In fact, if you're like most of my clients, you know how powerful it would be to write a book to bring qualified, motivated leads into your business...

But you also know that acquiring the skills to do it isn't the best use of your time.

If you're an established entrepreneur, business owner or marketer in the B2B space, and you want someone to handle the production of your book from start to finish, book a discovery call today.

If you're looking to expand the growth opportunities and revenue potential in your business, you might see how powerful writing a book would be for you...

But it might not be feasible for your business to invest in having someone like me handle the whole project for you at this stage.

That's why I teach the Business Book Intensive: application-only coaching programs in which I teach everything I know about writing, publishing and marketing a book so you can do it yourself.

Click here to book a coaching discovery call.

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