The World Needs Your Story

There’s never been a better time to write your book. Your audience needs your insights and experience, and I’m here to help you turn your big idea into a bestselling book. I've helped dozens of entrepreneurs write their business memoirs that are their legacy and contribution to the world of business and entrepreneurship.

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Molly Pittman Molly Pittman , CEO of Smart Marketer & Author of Click Happy

"Laura, the book is so good I get chills. Thank you for all your hard work and everything you've done to make this happen."

Brian Kurtz Brian Kurtz, Owner of Titans Marketing & Author of Overdeliver

"A big thank-you and acknowledgment to Laura. I could not have gotten here without her — she had incredible patience and kept me on the straight and narrow to get this book finished."

Time To Write Your Book?

Writing a book about your business, makes you the go-to authority in your field, slides you straight past gatekeepers to get in front of your dream clients, and opens doors to speaking gigs, joint ventures and whole new revenue streams… 

But writing takes a hell of a lot of time, energy and focus — and for most business owners, all three are in short supply. Not only that, but writing is hard work. 

If you don't have a background as a professional writer, it can be straight-up torture.

Even if you know exactly what you want to say, you can spend months staring at a blank screen, trying to drag the words out of your brain so they sound as good as they do when you speak...

But the words come out sounding wrong, or boring, or like some doublespeak corporate robot has hijacked your keyboard.

That's why I'm here.

I help entrepreneurs write books about their businesses.

As a ghostwriter, my role is to create books for my clients, using their own knowledge and experience to do it. 

When we work together, I interview you in-depth to absorb your insights, your experience, the way you speak, and what you want your message to do in the world. Then I turn it all into a book, we launch it, and your business reaps the benefits. 

I write it, you get the kudos. It's kinda like having a body double for your brain. 

I worked in the publishing industry for years, running publicity campaigns for authors like JK Rowling and Tina Fey, and now I use all that insider knowledge to make sure your book is a hit with readers, clients and media alike.

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Book Development Projects Have Included:

Marcella Allison Marcella Allison, Copywriter and Founder of The Titanides, Co-Author of Why Didn't Anybody Tell Me This Sh*t Before?

"Laura, you trusted me enough to take this crazy journey with me. You held our hearts in your hands and you helped to show us our truth. Without you there would be no book.
Thank you."

Mark Power Mark Power, Founder & CEO of Podean Marketplace Marketing, Author of Amazon for CMOs

“Laura, the book has received really positive feedback from people in our industry and so far we are mainly 5 stars reviews. So well done on helping us get this one successfully out there and all the hard work you put in. I certainly learnt a lot along the way, thanks for being a great guide. Looking forward to the next collaboration already.”

Consulting & Content Clients Have Included:

Laura's Books:

Both Laura's books launched as #1 bestsellers in their categories on Amazon. Written to help you develop your authority and visibility, her books provide powerful tools for growing your business.

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