Time To Write Your Book?

You Don't Have To Do It Alone.
(In fact, YOU don't have to do it at all.)

Writing a book about your business...

  • Makes you the go-to authority in your field
  • Slides you straight past gatekeepers to get in front of your dream clients
  • Opens doors to speaking gigs, joint ventures and whole new revenue streams...

"But I'm running a whole business! I can barely find time to answer my emails, let alone write a whole book!"

My friend, I hear you. Writing takes a hell of a lot of time, energy and focus — and for most business owners, all three are in short supply.

But fear not. Gone are the days when your only option was to pull a long succession of all-nighters, ruining your sleep and driving your partner crazy.

There's an easier way.

I'm Laura.

My official title is ghostwriter. With such a cool name, you'd think the profession would be more well-known, but there is often confusion about what I actually do.

"Wait... do you write horror stories?"

Hell. No. Not about that life. I like sleeping, thanks.

Simply put, ghostwriters are hired to create books on behalf of someone else.

I 'ghost' you — following you around so I can absorb your knowledge, your experience, the way you speak, and what you want to do in the world.

Then I turn it all into a book, published for all the world to see.

I write it, you get the kudos.

It's kinda like having a body double for your brain.

Here's what some of my recent clients have to say about it:

Marcella Allison Marcella Allison, Copywriter, Copy Chief, and Founder of The Titanides

"Laura, you trusted me enough to take this crazy journey with me. You held our hearts in your hands and you helped to show us our truth. Without you there would be no book. Thank you."

Brian Kurtz Brian Kurtz, CEO, Titans Marketing

"A big thank-you and acknowledgment to Laura. I could not have gotten here without her — she had incredible patience and kept me on the straight and narrow to get this book finished."

Wanna Know Exactly How I Do It?

Click the button below to get the full monty on how I write your book. It happens in 7 steps, and usually takes 4 to 5 months (less, if you're really organised).

Your Book In 7 Steps

Book Development Projects Have Included...

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