How To Write This Book


by Laura Gale


Writing a book can transform the growth and value of your business. Books are still one of the most powerful assets you can create to build your credibility, authority and visibility in your market. 

It raises the profile of your work, putting you in front of audiences you might not have been able to reach before. It positions you as the go-to expert in your field—after all, if you literally ‘wrote the book’ on your industry, you’ll be the easy choice for your prospects.

A book also opens up new streams of revenue and opportunities for you and your business, growing in value over time, just like any good asset should. But writing a book is hard work. Many people never write more than their first page, and many more never finish a first draft. 

In this book, you’ll learn the exact process that will take you from your big idea all the way through drafting, editing and publishing your book, and on to your book launch and beyond.

Expertly edit your business manuscript and get it ready for publication with industry-insider tips from How to Write This Book.

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How To Write This Book

This book shares, in detail, every part of the process I use with clients to take their big idea all the way through drafting, editing, publication, launch and marketing of their book.

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Learn how to develop a recurring content system that generates predictable, profitable lead flow for your business, as well as assets like books and courses that establish you as an authority.

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