Can You Fit This Into Your Schedule?

At first I thought quarantine was going to be hell.

Then I thought it just felt normal.

Then on Monday afternoon we took delivery of a pull-up/dip contraption that looks like a giant space ship gunner tower.

Boyfriend has been suspending himself on the arms and jerking around making shooting noises…

… And now the reality of just how long this situation might last is starting to become apparent.

To be honest, we’re pretty lucky. We have an outdoor space, so much food it looks like your parent’s house at Christmas, and fast enough Internet that we can both stream as much Tiger King as we like.

(If you haven’t watched it on Netflix, do yourself a solid. ‘Tiger King’ Joe Exotic has over 200 tigers at a private zoo in Oklahoma and a hell of a grudge against ‘big cat people’. It’s a slow-mo train wreck. I can’t stop watching.)

Anyway, with all the boredom, fear and ambiguity going around, this is the time to be bold.

It might seem crazy to you to start a project as ambitious as a book, or as vulnerable as reaching out to podcasts and media, when everything is so unpredictable.

But now is the time to make moves.

This week I’ve heard from 3 different entrepreneurs who are making plans to get a book out as soon as possible. All 3 have many years of experience, all 3 have built multi-million dollar businesses, and all 3 said something along the same lines:

“I’ve never seen anything like this before. I’ve had this idea for a long time, but there’s never been such a clear moment to go for it. Can you fit this into your schedule?”

These are extremely experienced businesspeople. They are opportunity-identifying machines.

And they think there’s never been an opportunity like this in their lifetimes.

So if you’re on the fence about whether it’s time to get to work on your book, let me help you:

Now’s the time. Now’s the best moment you might ever have.

If Joe Exotic can build a thriving business selling tiger-themed jocks and self-produced, tiger-themed country music, you can build a thriving business around your mission, your big idea, your game-changing approach.

You have a unique message that a very specific set of people need to hear. Now is your moment to show up for them. They need you more than ever and there’s never been a better time to start.

Books are still the best way to get that kind of message out. Books have been going strong for over 600 years, and they’ve survived wars, plagues, famines and more.

And that’s why people trust books. That’s why authors are still revered as true experts, and why their voices carry so much weight.

Your message deserves to carry the came influence and to have the same impact. That’s why I wrote How To Write This Book.

It will teach you everything you need to know about putting your unique message into a book so that it reaches your audience and moves them to action.