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Thank you so much for checking out the Content Marketing Summit. I hope you got some deep insights from it. If you're ready to start implementing some of the most powerful content marketing strategies I've collected over the past few years into your own business, then this page is full of resources to help you do it.

These are all strategies and resources referred to in my book, Content That Converts. (You can pick up a copy of that here.) In the book, I really 'gave away the farm'. Every strategy I use in my own business and for clients is in there — no holds barred. It's a textbook on doing content marketing right, so that you create a profitable, predictable marketing stream.

Below you'll find all the resources I refer to throughout the book for you to use as you please. These resources are all free and are ready for you to use immediately. None of these are affiliate links and there's nothing going on behind the scenes — these are all just great resources that I use myself.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to me — I'm @lauhanly on Twitter, or you can email me at laura [at] laurahanly [dot] com. And if you'd like to know more about how we could work together, head on over to my Services page and get in touch.

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Content Marketing Resources

Quarterly Content Planner

This is a locked public spreadsheet — to make a copy that you can edit, go to File > Make A Copy > name and save in the appropriate place.

Book Outline

Creating a long-form content asset starts with defining a clear intent for the project, and then developing a very detailed outline of everything you want to include. Your outline will be a living document — it will change significantly over time, as you work through your material and work out how the information will flow, what needs to be removed or added and so on.

For comparison to the final product, you can see my first pass at an outline here (they're very different, and allowing the outline to evolve made for a much better final product).

Recommended Email Providers

Choose an email provider based on the size and specific needs of your business.

ActiveCampaign / Drip

I use ActiveCampaign, as it has robust segmentation and automation. You can use it to segment your leads effectively and automate much of your marketing. It also has a CRM element. Drip is a similar tool though slightly less robust.

Klaviyo / ConvertKit

If you have an ecommerce business or sell a lot of physical products, I strongly recommend Klaviyo. It has exceptional revenue tracking capabilities and good integrations. ConvertKit is similar but is more focused on 'soft' products like digital downloads and so on.

Ontraport / InfusionSoft

These two are the biggest and most sophisticated email providers. They're ideal for businesses with multiple or complex offerings, and have in-built analytics CRM capabilities. Ontraport has better customer support, and InfusionSoft seems to have a steeper learning curve for new users as well.

Recommended Reading

CopyHour Reading List: curated by Derek Johanson, these are all specific recommendations for learning good copywriting, but Influence, Scientific Advertising and Breakthrough Advertising should be required reading for any marketer or business owner regardless of how much copy they write.

Strongly Recommended Books on Marketing:

Strongly Recommended Books on Writing:

Training Courses

Become A Technical Marketer

This is the “non-techie" blueprint to learn the proven strategies of building viral growth, finding floods of new customers and scaling companies fast, even if you can barely update a WordPress site.


If you can write good copy, you will never struggle to make money. Clients will pay you top dollar for your work. And if you have your own products you won't be at the mercy of Google or penguins or algorithm updates or any other SEO stuff.

Note: none of these are affiliate links — these are just the best resources to invest in for your marketing education.