“Do you think you’ll be doing that when you die?”

At 6:10am this morning, I put my feet back on the ground in Lisbon, where I live, after 3 weeks on the road.

I went to Copy Chief Live with Kevin Rogers, then to Delray Beach to scheme podcast stuff with my co-host & bestie Rachel, then to Jeff Walker’s LaunchCon event in Phoenix, and finally on to the last Titans Master Class event of the year with Brian Kurtz.

As you might imagine, I’ve kinda got a content overload situation going on right now. I have dozens and dozens of pages of notes, massive lists with DO THIS scribbled all over them, and more emails and follow-ups to send than I know what to do with. (Looking at you, Marisa Murgatroyd and Dan Kuschell!)

But one of the stand-out moments of the entire trip came about 20 minutes before I left the Titans location for the airport to head home.

I was chatting with Sébastien Night, “the French marketer.” He just published his seventh book, and we were talking about the difference between writing for the love of the craft and for the marketing advantages it can create in your business.

Now, I think there are very few things can create authority and opportunity in your business like writing a book. But when Sébastien asked me, “Do you think you’ll be writing on the day you die?”, I knew the answer without even thinking about it.

The craft is what got me into this business, it’s what keeps me here, and I have no doubt I’ll be pursuing the joy and deep satisfaction it gives me until it’s time for me to say so long.

I’ll never not be writing. And because I love it so much, and know just how powerful it has been for my own career and for the businesses of my clients, I want to empower more people to write professionally.

That’s why I’m launching Ghost Protocol: an 8-week program sharing everything I know about the craft and business of ghostwriting books for clients.

Every part of my process — from over a decade of experience in the business, publishing over 12 books, and running a six-figure business with no staff while doing it — is going to be covered.

Everything from how to put down words that grab your reader to how to navigate copyright law will be in there.

I’ve been coaching this program one-on-one for several years now, and I charge a lot for that individual attention. But the pilot round of this program will be just $697, and because I’m limiting it to 10 spots, you’ll still get that intensive experience at about a third of what I would usually charge for it.

Here’s what I’m looking for in my ghostwriting padawans:

– You want to write books professionally, either on behalf of clients or for your own business
– You can commit to 90 minutes per week for eight weeks, starting mid January 2020
– You are friendly and coachable
– You can keep a secret

Several of those 10 spots have already been claimed and paid for, so if you know you want in, email me with ‘I’m in!’ and I’ll get you set up. (That’s laura [dot] gale [at] lauraiswriting [dot] com)