I snuck off for a few days…

You know what’s great for writing?

Not writing.

It’s so easy to get caught up in everything you have to do, word counts you have to hit, deadlines you can’t miss, projects you have to ace… that you can burn right through your creative capacity in a few days without even noticing it.

This can happen even when you’ve been writing forever and you know how to manage your time and energy. Your brain can still find ways to justify doing more, more, more.

Just write one more post. Just send one more email. Just knock out one more page. Just one more paragraph. One more line. One more… one more… one more.

But Just One More is a trap for creatives.

Just One More stops you from being able to do twenty more, because eventually you have nothing left to work with.

In time, Just One More makes you hate everything you do, because you did everything under duress.

So the last two days, I didn’t do Just One More of anything. After moving house, renewing my Portuguese residency, wrapping up several projects, and pushing myself for weeks to do Just One More of just about everything, I snuck off.

I took a train ride. I listened to the WHOLE fourteen-hour audiobook of Maybe You Should Talk To Someone (a very funny, very satisfying memoir of the life of a therapist). I shut myself in a dark room and luxuriated in a huge heavy blanket for an afternoon.

Marcella Allison, one of the world’s most successful copywriters, calls this ‘refilling your own well’. This is the writer-y equivalent of putting on your own oxygen mask, and it works. Writing physically comes out of you. So when you have lots of writing to do, feeling your best ensures the writing also comes out at its best.

Sounds ‘woo-woo’, maybe, but I’ll tell you this: after two days, I can’t wait to get back to writing. I’m so energised and so ready to work.

So tell me: what’s the Just One More you need to say no to in order to bring your work to its best?