Your Audience Needs You Right Now

A few weeks ago I started a new book project with a client that I am absolutely LOVING working with. (I’ll call her C to protect her privacy.)

C has a ton of energy, and total clarity about what she wants from her business. She’s got boundaries like you wouldn’t believe, and an attitude so cheerful that I get off every call feeling like I should be paying her for making my day so bright

But even she is struggling to make sense of the world right now.

I mean, let’s face it: things are bonkers right now.

Ultimately, we don’t have much choice but to stay the course.

So yesterday, C and I had our weekly call, and talked about the next steps for her project. I’m about to go into the drafting phase, which means there’s about 6 weeks where she’s waiting for me to finish the manuscript.

My job, as her ghostwriter, is to calmly lead this project to the outcome she is so invested in: sharing her amazing story with her audience, clients and family.

My goal is that C does not experience a single moment of anxiety about what’s next or whether things are going well with this project.

Waiting makes people nervous. Not knowing what’s going on makes people nervous. Having nothing to do makes people nervous.

No one needs any more of THAT right now, thanks very much, so I spent the call talking her through what she could use this time for instead:

– She loves design, so I asked her to start brainstorming cover ideas.
– She wants to keep her assistant busy, so they can get ISBNs and barcodes and headshots sorted out.
– She’s got a huge network, so she’s making a list of everyone she wants to include in the acknowledgements.
– She’s got a very loyal following and great industry connections, and because everything has been pushed back a few months, laying the groundwork now for a Q3 or Q4 book launch means it will come out with a bang.

These things are small, meaningful steps that help her feel like she’s making progress.

Even if there was no such thing as coronavirus, and even if the economy wasn’t bottoming out like crazy, I would still focus on giving C as much certainty about what comes next as I possibly can.

I want her to have the same fun, easy experience all my other clients have — even though her book is happening during a time of massive volatility.

That’s exactly the kind of experience and certainty I strive to give all my clients and readers. No matter what’s going on outside, that won’t change.

Of course, none of this guidance is a secret.

I put it all in How To Write This Bookwhich came out last year to teach people how to write, publish and market their business bestseller.

Writing a book is one of the fastest, most effective ways to grow your visibility and authority in your industry… and in times of so much uncertainty, that’s more important than ever.

People are desperate for insights right now. Your audience wants leadership, they want to know exactly what the experts are doing, and they want the assurance that with the right guidance, they could achieve the kind of results that you do.  

You see, not only does writing a book about your area of expertise position you as an authority (which brings in more work and more opportunities, even when the economy is down), but it also empowers your readers to take control of their own situation.

This is a huge gift to give people, especially when things are looking so bleak and uncertain.

Your audience needs you right now, and putting your expertise into a book is one of the most effective ways you can serve them.

Here are just a few of the reviews for How To Write This Book:

So if you’re thinking about using this time at home to start your book, grab a copy of How To Write This Book.

Even if you’ve got kids at home, naughty parents who won’t stop going outside, and your own sanity to manage, I break the whole process down into small steps — just like I do with my clients — to make it manageable.

I don’t leave anything out, so once you’ve got your copy, you’re on your way: click here to get a copy today.