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and the power of words to change us

I believe that writing has the alchemical ability to both reveal the truth of who we are, and to create the truth of who we are.

Over a lifetime immersed in words, I've seen firsthand how they shape our quest to understand ourselves, to make sense of the world, and how we connect with other people.

But like most things in life, the words rarely come out right the first time. The work of a lifetime is to live in The Draft: to go back to the words again and again, to write and read and rewrite until the truth emerges, and joy rushes in.

These essays explore what writing means to me, and to inspire, challenge and accompany you as we search out the truth of ourselves together. My goal is to empower you to write your way into a life that matters, both on and off the page.

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Here's what readers are saying...

Holy sh*t. This is so good. You're my reading and writing inspiration.


Woah Laura, I got chills reading this. Your writing is absolutely beautiful.


Wow! You were obviously born to create a reading and writing community around you. What a fab and from the heart, soul, guts, right-down-to-the-toes email!


This is so well-written and relatable for me. You have a very elegant style and clearly you've honed the ability to evoke the right emotions in people.


Your emails are amazing and such a dose of empowerment every day — thank you.


I’m enjoying and relating to your writing, and I’ve finally started putting out some of my own thoughts as blog posts. You definitely inspire me.


You've inspired me to write like no other... Your emails are one of the very few I let into my inbox. And I read and learn from every one. Most days, they are fodder for my  own writing.


Great stuff Laura. These emails are very good.


Obsessed with these emails you do!

- Kate

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