I’m Laura, and I’m here to help get your book into the world

 I help entrepreneurs and leaders to write books that grow their businesses. Writing a book about your business sets you apart from your competition, establishes you as a leader in your field, and opens up new streams of revenue and opportunity that can help your business grow exponentially.

My career started in the traditional publishing world, and I now offer a boutique service that specializes in writing, publishing and marketing powerful, profitable books that transform my clients’ businesses. 

I handle the whole process, taking the words, experience and ideas in your head and translating them into a compelling story that shows your readers why you’re the best in the business.

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Kiri Masters,

“I’m so grateful that this whole process was completely taken off my hands. The fact that I'm so proud of the manuscript (much more so than I would have been if I'd written the whole thing by myself) gave me the extra motivation to make the launch as successful as the book deserved.”

Kiri Masters,
CEO of Bobsled Marketing and Author of The Amazon Expansion Plan and Amazon for CMOs
Bob Cooper Jr. Bob Cooper Jr., CEO of El Cheapo Lifts and Author of Cheap Is Good

“The book is better than I had hoped and I can’t imagine getting it anywhere near completed without you. Thank you so much for making it a reality, and for capturing and understanding these complex concepts!”

Jeff Root Jeff Root, CEO of SellTermLife and Author of The Digital Life Insurance Agent

“Laura is a content machine that pumps out excellence onto paper. She took my outline, extracted the information from me, was very responsive and patient, and delivered a final manuscript I was very pleased with. We were an Amazon bestseller in my category and have 95%+ 5 star reviews at this point in time. I would recommend Laura to anyone.”

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