Got an idea for a book that you want to run by a professional before getting stuck in?

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Maybe you're halfway through a project and you've written yourself into a corner.

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It could be that you're a ghostwriter yourself and need some help, or you're just trying to navigate the complicated world of publishing, agents, rights management and all the crucial little decisions that have to be made to get your book in front of readers.

I'm ready to walk you through it.

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If it's anything at all to do with writing, publishing or working as a freelancer, these one-hour consultations are a great way to get a prompt, in-depth answer.

After several years working in one of the biggest publishing houses in the world, helping over 20 books reach the market, and running my own business for nearly a decade, I've seen quite a lot.

I'm confident I can help you get where you need to go.

These consults are an hour long and $250 a pop. We can discuss whatever you choose to focus on, and you'll receive a recording of our conversation afterwards for future reference.

"Thank you so much for helping me clarify my thoughts. You said SO MUCH. This is super "actionable" advice for anyone looking to make a career decision!! You're a really thoughtful person, in all senses of the world, and I super appreciate your feedback."

Annie Aaroe
Freelance Copywriter