If you're looking to expand the growth opportunities and revenue potential in your business, you can see how powerful writing a book would be for you...

But it might not be feasible to invest in having me handle the whole project for you at this stage.

Or maybe you love writing, and you want to be the one to actually put your words on paper. 

Either way, having a coach will help keep you focused on the right things.

It will help you hit the key milestones throughout writing and publication.

It will also help you take advantage of all the opportunities throughout the process that you might not see on your own. 

Coaching is a fun, creative and collaborative way to get your book done. If you want accountability, direction and the encouragement you need, click here to book an hour of customised coaching.

Then if you decide you want more, we can talk about a month-to-month coaching program to guarantee you get your book done. 

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If you're like many of my clients, you know how powerful a book could be to bring qualified, motivated leads into your business, and you've already made a start.

But writing with divided attention — inevitable for business owners — things can get messy. If you're stuck, overwhelmed or ready to quit altogether, I can help.

I've never met a book I couldn't rescue.

Want to learn more about how I can help you finish the book and ensure it delivers the exciting results you wanted in the first place?

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I help entrepreneurs and business leaders write the business memoirs and how-to books that can make you the leading authority in your field.

These books become powerful ambassadors for each your business, and continue to create opportunities and growth every day.

When we work together to produce your book, I'll direct every part of the process, taking all the stress and heavy lifting off you, so that you can focus on what you do best: running your business.

If it’s time for you to put YOUR story out into the world, let’s talk.

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