If You Want Blue-Chip Clients Who Chase You Down,
Pay Whatever You Ask, and Rave About You Later...
Then Writing A Book Is For You.

I help B2B entrepreneurs go through the entire process of producing a book — even if you haven't written a word yet.

When we work together to produce your book, Atrium Press is responsible for every part of the process, taking all the stress and heavy lifting off you, so that you can focus on what you do best: running your business.

Here's what publishing a book with me under the Atrium Press brand looks like.

If you're ready to take your business to the next level, and feel relieved that we'll handle every part of the process, from A to Z, then click the button below to book your discovery call.

Change The Trajectory of Your Business With A Book.

Generate More Revenue For Your Business With Proven Growth Strategies:

Developing A Book With Atrium Press Allows You To:

Who Are These Sessions For?

If you sell products or services online, generate a minimum of $1,000,000 in annual revenue, and have deep domain expertise you want to share with your audience, I want to talk to you. If you sell B2B and have a background in direct response, so much the better.

Why Are These Calls Free?

I don't charge for this initial call because not everyone is the right fit for this type of project, and if you are the right fit, I'd rather start out with a gesture of good faith and generosity.

These discovery calls are designed to help us work out if a) you're ready to write a book, b) if the Atrium process and publishing brand are the right fit for you, and c) to map out what working together would look like.

If you're looking for a consult on an ongoing book project that you're working on yourself, please send me an email at laura (at) laurahanly (dot) com for my consulting rates.

Please Only Click That Button If...

Meet The Criteria?

Here's how it works. You click that big yellow button to schedule your session, and answer a few questions. I get to work before we even speak, analysing your existing content assets and getting to understand your audience, so that we can dive right into building the right strategy for your project.

Our call will go for about 30 minutes (though I recommend blocking out 45, just in case we get really excited), and you're welcome to have anyone from your team join us on Skype.

At the end of the call, you'll have a clear understanding of the process by which your book will be developed, how you can use that book within your marketing ecosystem, and the opportunities that are likely to arise as a result of this project.

You'll be taken to my Calendly page, asked a few questions, and then sent a confirmation.