I help entrepreneurs and business leaders write the business memoirs and how-to books that can make you the leading authority in your field. 

When we work together to produce your book, I'll direct every part of the process, taking all the stress and heavy lifting off you, so that you can focus on what you do best: running your business.

The process I follow has seven specific steps. Each of these is designed to help develop your book strategically, so it has a huge impact on your business when it launches.

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How Ghostwriting Works

Step 1: Strategy

Who's your book for? What's the 'North Star' idea that keeps the message, content and calls to action focused and crystal clear?

Step 2: Tactics

What are the exact topics you want to cover? What are the case studies and stories to include? Who do you want to interview to add expert insights along the way? All these details create an in-depth outline that acts as the 'skeleton' of the book.

Step 3: Interviews

Using the outline we created in Step 2, I research, prep questions and interview you (using a special framework I've developed over dozens of ghostwriting projects). These interviews are recorded and we get into all the juicy details of your business and experience.

Step 4: Drafting

I hide out in my writer’s retreat and turn those interviews into a draft of your manuscript (publishing speak for 'the document that becomes the book').

Step 5: Editing

This part is where the project goes from good to great. The draft undergoes several rounds of editing to make sure it's world-class in every way.

Step 6: Publication

This part is where the project goes from good to great. The draft undergoes several rounds of editing to make sure it's world-class in every way.

Step 7: Launch!

The final stage is about getting your book into the hands of the people you want to serve. This covers everything from a launch strategy, to ongoing promotions and one-off opportunities to make the book a hit.

I’ve helped dozens of entrepreneurs get their stories out into the world.

These books have become powerful ambassadors for each client’s business, and continue to create opportunities and growth every day. 

If it’s time for you to put YOUR story out into the world, let’s talk. 

Book A Discovery Call

If you're like many of my clients, you know how powerful a book could be to bring qualified, motivated leads into your business, and you've already made a start.

But writing with divided attention — inevitable for business owners — things can get messy. If you're stuck, overwhelmed or ready to quit altogether, I can help.

I've never met a book I couldn't rescue.

Want to learn more about how I can help you finish the book and ensure it delivers the exciting results you wanted in the first place?

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If you're looking to expand the growth opportunities and revenue potential in your business, you might see how powerful writing a book would be for you...

But it might not be feasible for your business to invest in having someone like me handle the whole project for you at this stage.

That's why I teach the Business Book Intensive.

This is an application-only coaching programs in which I teach everything I know about writing, publishing and marketing a book so you can do it yourself.

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