Proof That Your Secret Dream Is Within Reach

Today I saw an ad for a new dating show on Netflix called Sexy Beasts.

The pitch is…

“Real-life singles sport elaborate makeup and prosthetics to put true blind-date chemistry to the test.”

All these people are going on dates, in public, wearing various alien, animal and indescribable heads over their own, and I imagine this is what hallucination is like.

HONESTLY , if this show can get made, I consider it hard, incontrovertible proof that all of our secret creative dreams are not that far out of reach.

Someone pitched this show. Someone had this idea, and thought, yeah, I’m gonna take a swing on this. And then a production team at Netflix was like, yeah, there’s an audience for this, let’s roll.

So if you’ve been quietly harbouring daydreams about doing something creative, or if you’ve been wondering if you could make a bold change in your life, or if you’ve just been looking for a little push from the universe, here’s your answer, in all of Netflix’s technicolour glory:

Hell yes, you can.

Write that poem. Write your TV pitch. Write the song, or paint the picture, or apply for that exciting job.

Do what you’ve been dreaming of, because the world is a wild and willing place, and it might just go your way.