Slow Is Fast, Fast Is Slow

I always want things to go faster than they do.

As soon as I figure out what’s possible, I tear off immediately, trying to make it happen as fast as I can.

Sometimes this pays off. Being decisive and having a bias for action are excellent traits when you own your own business.

But a lot of the time, it just gives me agita and makes things actually take longer than they need to.

By rushing headlong into changing everything, I often miss important steps or don’t notice that progress I’ve already made, which in turn makes me feel like what I’m doing isn’t working.

This is painfully apparent when it comes to getting to know yourself and learning to identify what you think and feel, free from anybody else’s influence.

Often by the time we start this process, we’ve been listening to everyone but ourselves for decades, and it takes a long time to strip away those old habits and learn to value our own voices.

And the process won’t be rushed. You only get as far as your body and subconscious mind are willing to let you go, and believe me, they want to go much slower than you do.

So if you’re in a rush today, if you’re desperate for change to happen now, take a step back for a second. Look at what you’ve already achieved, and give yourself a moment to think carefully, about what’s next, or if it’s time to just be where you are for a while.

I’ll be right there with you, trying to slow myself down in writing, so that I get out of my own way and get to a place where things start to go fast.