The Antidote To The Friday Funk

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I get to Friday afternoon and feel completely empty. Tapped. Finito.

Usually it’s because I’ve been blasting through every day, constantly racing my calendar, frantically ripping things off the to-do list.

In that state it is very difficult to notice the small, joyful moments that would form a happy memory later on. It’s hard to notice when less demanding parts of your life are starting to suffer. It’s hard to notice opportunities and serendipity.

The only thing I’ve found to help me notice more is writing.

Even if it’s just one single page each day, you start to get a sense of your life beyond your schedule. It’s a little release valve, taking the pressure down a notch and giving your mind a little room to move.

When was the last time you wrote, ?

Not just for work, not just because you have to, but for yourself, and because it does good things for you?

And when was the last time you really got into it?

Not just making a list of all the stuff you’ve done lately, but feeling your feelings, and digging into the what and why and how of them? When was the last time you really reflected on the sum of your recent days, or wrote down the memories you want to take with you?

Do it today, or tomorrow. Don’t let it go by too long.